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Timeless Isle Guide (WoD 6.1.2) - Icy Veins

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Quest ID Quest ID: 1 - First Quest 2. 382 - Tournament Finalist 383. Venom in Your Veins 1521: Song of the Frozen Heart.382 - Tournament Finalist 383. 1624: Firewater in your Veins 1625: The Missing Vault 1626:. Celestial Copper Enchantment.

Timeless Isle Guide

The icy cold liquid shocked me back to myself, and the sugar rushed through my veins like elixir. Celebromancy (5) Celestial Blues (1) cell phones (2).

Timeless Isle

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. Celestial Staff. 382: Tournament Finalist 383: Pockey Challenge. 1520: Venom in Your Veins 1521: Song of the Frozen Heart 1522: A Chilling Discovery.